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Who is Jay Lake?

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  • Award-winning author of ten novels, five collections, and over 300 short stories
  • Cancer survivor who blogs about politics, technology and health
  • Frequent headliner at conventions, conferences and workshops
  • Acclaimed anthology editor with fifteen volumes to his credit
  • Winner of the 2004 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
  • Multiple Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award nominee
  • Published by Tor Books, Night Shade Books, MonkeyBrain Books, Fairwood Press, Wheatland Press and Subterranean Press
  • Represented by Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass Literary Agency

Cancer Blogging: An index to my cancer blogging since 2008

Interviews: Locus | Sunday Oregonian

Audio: My books at Audible.com | METAtropolis
Free download of “In the Forests of the Night” read by Michael Hogan

Contact: jlake@jlake.com | Twitter: jay_lake

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[writing] Literary rights

Jay left his literary rights to the Lake Family Trust for the benefit of his wife and daughter. His sister Mary Elizabeth Lake is trustee. Please contact her at susan.familytrust@gmail.com, if you have any questions concerning any of his literary works, published, or still in progress. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Short Fiction Online

Short Fiction Online

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Green by Jay Lake Endurance by Jay Lake Kalimpura by Jay Lake
Green Endurance Kalimpura
Mainspring by Jay Lake Escapement by Jay Lake Pinion by Jay Lake
Mainspring Escapement Pinion
Trial of Flowers by Jay Lake Madness of Flowers by Jay Lake Rocket Science by Jay Lake Death of a Starship by Jay Lake
Trial of Flowers Madness of Flowers Rocket Science Death of a Starship
Short Fiction Collections
sky_that_wraps The River Knows Its Own by Jay Lake American Sorrows by Jay Lake
The Sky That Wraps The River Knows Its Own American Sorrows
Dogs In the Moonlight by Jay Lake Greetings From Lake Wu by Jay Lake
Dogs In the Moonlight Greetings From Lake Wu
Anthologies and Editing Projects
TEL : Stories edited by Jay Lake All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories edited by David Moles and Jay Lake Polyphony 6 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake Polyphony 5 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake
TEL : Stories All-Star Zeppelin
Adventure Stories
Polyphony 6 Polyphony 5
Polyphony 4 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake Polyphony 3 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake Polyphony 2 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake Polyphony 1 edited by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake
Polyphony 4 Polyphony 3 Polyphony 2 Polyphony 1
Chapbooks and Limited Editions
Greetings From Lake Wu Slipcase Limited Edition Green Grow the Rushes-Oh (chapbook) Christmas Season (chapbook) Loving Julius (chapbook)
Greetings From Lake Wu
(slipcase limited edition)
Green Grow
the Rushes-Oh

Christmas Season
(out of print)
Loving Julius
(out of print)
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Latest Novel

Kalimpura by Jay Lake

Me writing about cancer from a very internal perspective:
The Specific Gravity of Grief

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