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Precalculus for Christian Schools

If you’re one of my apolitical or nonleftie friends, move along, nothing to see. Jesus’ General has something quite alarming (and blackly funny) here.


Sicker than the proverbial dog

Last night was extremely unpleasant in a reverse peristalsis sort of way. That is all. You may shop as usual. There is no need to return to your homes.



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Giving Thanks

Following ‘ lead…

I am thankful for my family.

I am especially thankful for the Child.

I am thankful for my fellow writers, and all the readers, critiquers, editors and other professionals who have made it possible for me to develop a career.

I am thankful for the road my heart is on right now, even though it is a very hard road.

I am slightly thankful for my cats, who really aren’t quite as dumb as hammers.

It’s a good life, even the tough parts.


In which the Child elucidates the property of uniqueness in data keys

So we’re at the video store, renting Barney and Blue’s Clues. (A terrible waste of the resources of Mike’s Movie Madness, which may be one of the English speaking world’s great video stores, but I digress…) We hand the counter-kid™ our three video sleeves. He vanishes into the labrythine tape stacks (just visible from where we’re standing) and the Child says:

Child: How does he know which ones to get?
Jay: The videos have numbers on them.
Child: (Without missing a beat…) They must all have different numbers. Otherwise if there were four fives, he wouldn’t know which one to get.
Jay: (Open-mouthed silence)

I’ve been unable to explain this concept to CEOs in the past, and here the seven-year old figures it out for herself.

Later, in the car on the way home, we get the special bonus question on war.

Child: How come we don’t have war here?
Jay: Uh…why do you ask?
Child: Some people have war. How come we don’t?
Jay: America is a country which is lucky and strong. We’re one of the biggest countries in the world.
Child: I thought China was the biggest country in the world.
Additional discussion on this topic for a while, touching on Civil War and the size of standing armies…
Child: The worst part about war is losing your house. Your home is the most important thing.

I need some help here, people! Forget the village, it’s going to take a nation to raise this child.


The Child Discusses Powered and Unpowered Flight

Child: (pointing upward at a passing Cessna) Daddy, is that a jet?
Jay: No sweetie, it’s a prop plane.
Child: What’s that?
Jay: It has a propellor instead of a jet engine. Most airplanes are either prop planes or jets.
Child: What else is there?
Jay: Oh, rocket planes, ramjets, gliders. You’ll never see any of those except maybe a glider.
Child: Not even at the airplane museum?
Jay: Well, maybe there.
Child: What about gliders? What are those?
Jay: It’s an airplane without an engine.
Child: (laughs) Do they have a giant person to throw it into the air like a paper airplane?
Jay: No, they tow it with another airplane. A prop plane. With a big rope.
Child: So the other plane would need to be twice as big as the glider. Or the motor wouldn’t have enough power to pull the glider, too.
(a digression for discussion of engine sizes, towing of cars and aircraft, etc.)
Child: Have you ever been in a glider?
Jay: Yes, once in Hawaii. It was pretty cool. You could see everything.
Child: It didn’t have a roof? I’ll bet you had good seatbelts!


Work in Progress

Near dusk the road had begun a long, sweeping switchback up the high face of the mountain. Robert’s chest ached as he breathed, and his knees were weak with the walking. As the daystar fled west over the sea, he saw a flare high up on the peak.

“That is it,” said Milese. “The Ice Halls, which trap the day for a moment, brilliant as any jewel.”

“All men will stumble at that height,” Robert said, thinking on what might come as a fight.

“All men stumble,” Milese answered. “Some get to choose when and where, some do not.”

They stopped and camped with the boys, grateful for the dead men’s wool. Even the ghosts were visible tonight, so that the four who lived were among a whole unsleeping company. They did not bother to set a sentry, though they kept their fire covered, dampened down coals.

Robert and Milese talked long into the night, of the small things which make up the lives of men, while the boys dozed and cried out for their mother. Her shade stayed close, but there is ever little comfort to be stretched from the dead to the living. All through the night, lights flashed high up on the peak, high magics or great works going on within the Ice Halls.

Neither man made further mention of what lay ahead.


Images of and from the Child

The Three Fiddlers

The Three Fiddlers

The Child in Chinese drag

The Child dressed up for her cousin’s first birthday party.


The child in action…

“Daddy, how come we don’t know we’re upside down. I mean, how does gravity… What is gravity… Um. Um. Where does gravity come from?”


Home, Home on the Plane

In Dallas at the moment, enjoying a view of ramp operations outside Terminal C of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. I’m apparently on a later flight than my normal run back from Omaha to Portland, so have some ground time. Guess what I’m gonna do?

Write! 😀

Plane was 1/2 hour late leaving Omaha because they couldn’t find the log book. That makes, in the past month, flight delays due to bad brakes, hail damage, a broken windowshade, weather and now…some mechanic mislaid the log. Wow.

Some nice projects cooking along, and good email recently regarding Certain Other Projects. More information, less mystery, if any of it firms up.

And I’ll see my parents this afternoon, who I haven’t seen in a while, and my brother, who I haven’t seen in a long while. Family fu this weekend, plus an interesting party to go to Saturday night. Plus all my usual jonesing…

So off to write on this and that. Be good, and if you want to, drop a comment in this post and tell me what your stupidest flight delay ever was. Logbook has to be mine, though a Pan Am engine fire over New Jersey was pretty exciting back in about 1983.


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