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Misc updatery darned near passes out

Hola. Back from Norwescon. Various bits here, here, here and here. Saw lots of folks, did lots of things. The Child partied with Amy Thomson’s daughter and daughter’s sitter. and I partied with many, many other folk. I was pleased with my reading from Trial of Flowers, and I gave away a few copies of the vanishingly rare Kink Ink chapbook.

A while back Hel had sent me a few buttons which read ‘Generically Rejected by Jay Lake.’ For some reason these were inordinately popular at Norwescon, and I have given them all away. A number of people read them as ‘Genetically Rejected by Jay Lake’, which is more than a little amusing. It has been suggested that I give out a new series of buttons reading (either) ‘Specifically Rejected by Jay Lake’ or ‘Submit to Jay Lake.’ As always, I had the little image buttons to give away (a Frank Wu painting of me).

Publishing genius alert: I think I’m going to edit a chapbook with 26 short fiction pieces in it. Each piece will be named after a letter of the alphabet. Each piece will be written entirely without the use of its respective letter. Watch this space for a guidelines announcement in the none too distant future.

Other news…got an email from a restaurant in Lockhart which I’ve mentioned several times in my fiction. The owner was inquiring after the mentions. I’ve sent him comp copies. Also, has reviewed Rocket Science — scroll down to #19. It did not please her much. She has some interesting comments.

Off to Omaha tomorrow. The usual dinner with Omaha Beach Party, and also with . I’ll be starting the Mainspring revisions tomorrow as well, so watch for the usual progress reportage, whingeing and odd bits of WIPery.

Yawn. Continued light blogging due to going to Omaha this week. Here’s a poll. Party on.



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