Helping my neighbor out

I spoke to Mother of the Child about this today, and about how to approach (or not) our neighbor. MoC confirms they are in very bad shape financially.

Currently, the best answer seems to be some version of what suggested, which is take whatever donations people are moved to give (myself included) and convert them to money orders. Those could be sent anonymously by mail, or handled personally by me, depending on my sense of how receptive she might be.

To that end I’ve set up a separate PayPal address from my normal one, neighbor (a) Anything that lands there will go to the folks next door. I’ll wait several weeks, then draw a money order after kicking in $100 of my own funds plus absorbing any PayPal charges, so that the full amount of any donation goes to her rather than to PayPal/eBay.

If you’d prefer to send it to me directly:

Jay Lake
PO Box 42611
Portland, OR 97242

Please enclose a cover note and/or put the word ‘neighbor’ on the memo line so I don’t get mixed up.

And thank you everyone for pushing me to take some action. If anyone would like to donate something a little more material than funds, simply send it to that same address.