Neighbor Update

A collective, anonymous gift of $200 was delivered to the Neighbor yesterday. She was literally in tears — on her way to the store with a (borrowed) $20 as her entire budget to feed her and the kids this week when Mother of the Child tagged her.

ETA: asked about continued support. As of now there is open-ended pledge (for want of a better term) from several sources totalling $140 a month. That will run into next summer, at least, presuming nobody hits hard times and has to withdraw their pledge. Spot gifts continue to pop in from time to time, mostly via PayPal, though direct to me via US Mail is fine too. PayPal gifts can be sent to the address neighbor (a), if that suits.

Also, I recently had a chat with Older Grandaughter, who is currently taking classes at community college with the intent of becoming a physical therapist. I shall politely investigate her tuition situation, I think, though Mother of the Child believes O.G. is on scholarship.