[personal] More things I have learned in the hospital

Still in durance medical here. Diagnosis has been made, and critical treatment successfully administered. I’ll give more details later, after some more consults and test results are back. I’m afraid y’all are stuck with me a while longer. With a tiny bit of luck, I am going home today.

More things I have learned in the hospital:

  1. I have many new colorful phrases in my vocabulary, such as “my hat is full of poop.” Which sounds like a sentence from the second week of Introductory Conversational German.
  2. Hospital gowns are one size fits none, and I am a threat to common decency and public order while wearing one.
  3. There is an inverse relationship between the quality of airline food and the quality of hospital food. Thank Ghu the airlines have been going broke, because the chow around here is pretty good.
  4. It is in fact possible to tattoo the inside of the human body, and no, you can’t see mine. Ever.
  5. My room has a view people would pay very good money for in a resort, but my bed faces the wrong way. We writers call this irony.

More here when I have firm information.