[personal|cancer] The day that was

I spent the first part of the day closing out and handing off tasks at the day job, the next part of the day coping with Fleet (which beats the tar out of a gallon of GoLYTEly), then in a presurgery intake appointment, then time with the extended family, before settling down for a movie with while does her thing on prepping and planning the next two weeks.

No more prep for me. A short night’s sleep, out of Nuevo Rancho Lake a little before 5 am, and into the OR. They’re supposed to start cutting around 7:30 am Pacific time, and a preliminary guess is that I’ll be in recovery around 9:30, and out to a surgery wing bed in the early afternoon. will update here as time and Internet access permits.

Meanwhile, life continues to hand me good news. A friend emailed that she saw a whole pocket of the Mainspring Powell’s | Amazon thb | Audible ] mass market paperback in a WalMart in El Paso. Today made the cut for a role in the professional performance of