Life on the hill

Hello all of you wonderful people. On behalf of Jay and myself, thank you for all of the words of encouragement and support. He may not be posting much, but he is reading comments as he feels up to it. Keep em coming!

Here we are at the end of day 3. Jay is sound asleep and Im sitting here watching the twinkling lights of Portland from the Presidential Suite on the hill. No, really. On Saturday Jay couldnt sleep because of the volume from the roommates television and I went to the Charge Nurse to see when the TV curfew was. He (who we now refer to as Awesome Shawn) moved us to the single room he had available which is the room they reserve for VIPs. So the Rockstar is in the Rockstar room as it should be 😉 We have a spectacular view of the river and the mountains, the room is twice as big as any other private room Ive seen on the floor with a separate kitchenette area and huge bathroom, we have a large television with a DVD player and plenty of room for the extra bed they provided me 🙂

As large as the room is, weve managed to fill it up a few times with family. We have the two moms, the dad, aunt #1, aunt #2, the sister, the child, the niece, the mother of the child and me as well as a few honorary family members. Jay says thanks to those of you who have offered to stop by, but he would prefer not to have additional visitors.

Since Jay had open surgery rather than laparoscopic, he has one heck of an incision. 20 centimeters vertically running from his belly button southward with between 25 and 30 staples. The incision site looks fabulous no discoloration, no separation. All of the doctors and nurses who look at it say that it just doesnt get any better. There are pictures and Jay will post them when he’s back at it. We opted for an epidural during surgery, which continues to be the method of pain management. His pain level is usually at zero or one, however after walking it has gotten up to 3. We are very pleased. Much less loopiness with this route, too, which has been wonderful. I believe they will be transitioning him to oral medication by Tuesday.

As you can imagine, with an incision like he has, getting up and down without damaging it can be a challenge. The physical therapist was in yesterday to teach Jay how to get out of bed without ripping staples out. He went for one walk yesterday and today he took 5 count em 5 walks. A few of them were double laps around the floor. Y’all don’t worry he isnt overdoing it. He is doing what he is able to, no less and no more. He is committed to doing whatever he needs to do in order to get better.

Nothing too exciting happening and that is a very good thing. I should try to get some sleep before the next nurse visit, so thats all for now. Remember to keep those comments coming and well return you to your regular Jay programming very soon!