[cancer] Walker Cam

I’m off the IVs, as you can see here:

Walker Cam

The real reason for the walker isn’t balance — I’m ok with that. The real reason is to manage Willa Catheter. Her bag just doesn’t accessorize well with anything I’m carrying. I’ve been walking more distance every day. The epidural was taken out yesterday and I’m on pain control by oral medication, but I lost bowel function during the Great Pain Crash, so I’m not being sprung until that stuff restarts correctly.

In other news, I am feeling a lot more normal, as evidenced by my dreams. Last night I dreamt that this same team had operated on my Dad, then our daily care had been outsourced to a university dorm. was the ward doctor, and was taking great pleasure in explaining to me the joys of a low-bid menu.

Back to bed for a while to surf the Dilaudid some more.  I’ll try to be on later to read email and comments.