[cancer] Recovering the floors of my colon

It’s been kind of fun, getting all this mail. I’ve received lots of get well cards, a cool clockwork robot from and , a radio controlled zeppelin from and (via ), a box of get-well goodies from and Ann VanderMeer. Toys! Puzzles! Games! It’s like Christmas, except what they took out of my chimney.

Speaking of surgery, I’m off to have the staples removed today — my first trip out of the house since coming home from the hospital. I expect that to be something of an owie, but also a major relief. I’m amazed it’s been ten days since the operation. I’m also really looking forward to tapering off the hydromorphone (my need is dropping over time) as that will liberate my lower GI tract from its shitty little opium dreams. Somehow, it continues to be all about the poop.

I actually feel normal for several hours a day now, and that is improving apace. I continue to give myself permission to move slowly, and especially not to rush the recovery. There have been a lot of chopy-socky movies this week, and now that my head is more together, there will probably be some Battlestar Galactica.