[cancer] If patience is a virtue, and virtue is its own reward, how come I’m not rich?

I’m at that stage of recovery now where I feel normal enough of the time that I become frustrated when I can’t do normal things. Going to Mom and Dad’s yesterday for dinner (a drive of < 10 minutes, a couple of hours with family) was profoundly exhausting. As my surgeon said pre-op, after about two weeks I'll be able to resume my normal activities, but on a very limited basis. Boy do I know what he means. It's one thing to be wired into a hospital bed like Leonardo's man — I had no problem recognizing my limitations there. It's another to be wandering around vaguely bored wishing I could get in my car and drive across town. Had a phone call from the insurance company Friday. A nurse, doing case management, who wanted to go over everything from the top. I spent about an hour talking to her. Afterwards and I talked about the fact that as medical consumers, most of us trust our providers far more than we trust our insurance companies.

In my case, all the cats are well out of the bag, but in a world of for-profit health insurance providers, it’s hard to trust my carrier to take proper care of me now that I have become huge loss leader for them. The bills are already rolling in, and trust me, this is going to be an “oh wow.”

Still, I mend, and my future has been restored to me.