[cancer] Kicking the habit

I stopped taking opiates a little over 24 hours ago. We’d already cut the dosage down to a very minimal amount, and I really wanted my brain back in my head. Plus the allure of once again operating heavy machinery, of course.

As a result, I spent all of yesterday with no appetite, irritable, and out of sorts. A number of small aches and pains made themselves known, including an odd sensation in my lower left abdomen which pointed out is probably the internal suture site between my abbreviated colon and the tissue at the top of my rectum. Of course, I also spent the day working on my Web site and getting my bibliography up to date, which may explain some of these symptoms.

Last night wasn’t much better. I had the sweats, along with heroic gas pains, poor sleep, and a weird dream that I was pushing my ancestral piano to South Dakota along the shoulders of the Interstate highway system.

I am rather more in sorts today. I’m still taking Gabapentin and Ibuprofen, so I am not without pain control resources, but neither of those mess with my head. Unless I am derailed by renewed pain, digestive urgency or pathological napping this afternoon, I should start in on revisions to Green today.