[cancer|personal] Busy days and wasted nights

Despite an annoying sleep deficit, yesterday went well. Ye Day Jobbe was productive, then I pretended to be a normal human being and went to the coffee house for the first time in a month and a half. Got almost two hours work on Green, along with another hour and change on cleaning up the new jlake.com Web site. Once settles a few minor issues with the podcasting interface, we’ll roll it out. Maybe even tomorrow.

Friday is my actual birthday. I will turn 44. (JayCon VIII is of course on Saturday.) Friday is also the four week anniversary of my cancer surgery. All indications are that I am recovering beautifully. Today I have a genetic counseling appointment to run down some low-probability but scary stuff related to early-onset colon cancer. After that I’m going to go watch an attempt to set a world record for largest baking soda volcano, then back to work. Expect appropriate blogging if I make it to the boom-boom in time.

Yesterday went out and bought me a recliner. We’d been thinking about this since before I got sick, actually, and all the advice from you guys made the point. She even hauled it in and set it up solo, which definitely qualifies her as a Hero of the Revolution, and continues my reign of terror as Useless Git #1.

I also broke down and took a hydromorphone when I went to bed last night. This gave me almost four hours’ sleep, but when I woke up at 1 to take a second one, I never really found my way back. Spent the second half of the night on the recliner, which was very comfortable and restful, but not especially conducive to sleep. I’m going to email my doctor about the possibility of Ambien or something similar to use until I’m finished being stuck sleeping on my back, since popping opiates to get some shut-eye seems excessive.