[cancer|personal] Semirandom updatery

took me to the geneticist appointment today. It was interesting, and a slightly off-kilter session, because they’re obviously used to dealing with people who never took a biology class and haven’t done any research. The outcome was more blood was taken and sent to Utah to evaluate for a small set of genetic issues linked to early-onset colon cancer. It will be a few weeks before I know more.
Other than the surgical recovery and the continued followups with the CR surgeon, that’s the last issue hanging fire in this little cancer adventure. As I said before, low-probability but spooky.

Afterwards she dropped me at MHCC to witness the world’s largest the baking soda volcano. I’ll blog that tomorrow, when my IQ rises above room temperature, but it was fun. I hung out with , AH, and The Niece, after which rolled me home.

When the day job wrapped, I collapsed into the new recliner and promptly crashed hard into deep REM sleep for about three hours. This has completely fogged my pea brain. No work on Green today, not much of anything frankly. If the sleep situation doesn’t at least partially remedy tonight, I’m going to call the doctor’s office for help tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and comments on that.

As always, more to come.