[personal] JayCon VIII report

JayCon VIII was a rocking success. Something between 50 and 75 people attended, far too many for me to sensibiy list here. rosefox won the farthest-away virtual prize, followed by the_flea_king and his lovely spouse. Bunch of folks came down from Seattle as well.

Most of all, I was there, alive and kicking. We had music courtesy of jackwilliambell, and stories read aloud in the stead of kenscholes by davidlevine, biomekanic and newroticgirl. Lots of photography was committed, lasirenadolce came up with the cake of a lifetime, and everybody rocked.

Plus we managed a very fine after party at the Alibi, a funky tiki bar in North Portland.

Reports from the field:


With surely more to come!

2 thoughts on “[personal] JayCon VIII report

  1. Great shirt, Jay, and you’re looking well! Glad it was a great day.

  2. Alan Kellogg says:

    I knew a guy by the name of Robert Goodwin. Bob (as his friends knew him) had polio, and some years back died of a heart attack related to that.

    Bob liked people, and he liked having people around. His place was known as a place where you went to see people, because Bob’s place was where people went to see Bob. Bob would hold court in his bedroom, and whenever 4 or more people were sharing that room with Bob you had a BobCon. During the Summer there would be as many as two or three BobCons a day.

    Membership involved showing up, the con started whenever somebody noticed we had a BobCon going on, topics covered whatever you felt like bringing up, and the con suite was at the same location as films (Bob had cable) and panels.

    They were micro-cons really, ten people was the most we ever fitted into into his bedroom, but they made up for that through frequency and conversation.

    Jay, you ever have anything like a BobCon?

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