[personal] Updatery

Yesterday was tough, fatigue wise. Powered through a fairly stressful nine hours at the Day Jobbe, then pretty much collapsed. I tried to write, but it was one of my off days. So I did critique instead.

Fireside this afternoon, and I have a lot to do there. Iron Springs retreat this weekend.

Meanwhile, consider this an open question post. Ask me anything — writing, parenting, cancer, personal background, whatever. I’ll answer as I see fit, when time permits.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Updatery

  1. Deightine says:

    Taking the bait.. and I’ll choose ‘writing’ because it’s preoccupying my own mind today, with the question being: Are you ever afraid to do it? Say you get an idea, mind ruminates on it, builds a whole world over a few days until it’s clearer than your own memories… and find yourself hesitating to touch the keys or lift the pen?

  2. Jay says:

    I’d like to say I’m not afraid, but sometimes I am. Over time I’ve found the fear-inspiring ideas are sometimes the very best.

    Sometimes, though, I am just having a bad day.

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