[cancer] A few small updates

In no particular order:

On the second flight yesterday, I went back to the sudoku. I worked it slowly and carefully, and managed the basic and intermediate puzzles with only a few correctable errors. The advanced puzzle still defeated me. As goulo has pointed out to me, that could be an issue of practice as much as an issue of cognitive capacity.

Coconut flakes, soy yogurt and fresh fruit have been procured for breakfast and snacks. It’s a weird combination to be eating, and so far the soy yogurt tastes like hell to me. I will be seeking out fresh vegetables and white meat at lunch and dinner to balance this out.

Additional minor medical TMI under cut for reader mercy:

Digestive distress is largely settled, and perhaps swung back a bit too far the other way. While not any less painful, colonic underproduction is rather less disruptive to ordinary activity than colonic overproduction. And I am not stopped cold, so I’m not at medical risk.

One thought on “[cancer] A few small updates

  1. Kosmo says:

    Don’t worry, Jay. You’ll be 100% back to your old self in a few months, whizzing through the sudoku’s like a champ. It just takes time. 🙂

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