[personal] Omaha zzz

Managed my energy much better at work today. Also got back to the hotel early, and have been quiet and largely horizontal since. Clearly I’m not going to get any writing done this week, due to the energy demands of work+travel. This would really tick me off if I let it, but I need to lay low and take care of myself.

Another work day tomorrow, followed by the Omaha Beach Party, then lighting out for the territories Friday morning. See some, all or none of you in the Bay Area this weekend.

I’ll be funny tomorrow, I promise.

One thought on “[personal] Omaha zzz

  1. Deightine says:

    Just take it easy, Jay. Even a professional clown can’t smile all of the time. His painted one wears away just as easily with the smudging of tiny fingers; he’ll take his moment to sit at a wooden counter with a bottle of bourbon in one hand and his face in the other.

    We all have our moments. And it flavors what we write when we do. At least, that is what everyone tells me when I have a bottle of bourbon in one hand and my face in the other. 😉

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