[funny] A steampunk abecedary

From an email exchange this morning:

A is for airship which flies in the sky.
B is for bat which the evening brings by.

Let’s play a bloggy game. Per the above, put your suggestions for a steampunk abecedary in comments — next week I’ll distill them out, and we’ll have a poll for the coolest/funniest, with hardback copies of Escapement Powell’s | Amazon ] as prizes. Then we’ll have a steampunk abecedary.

Bonus points for rhyming couplets or more complex formalisms.

Big bonus points for posting art to go with your letter(s).

4 thoughts on “[funny] A steampunk abecedary

  1. Deightine says:

    Three different sets that popped into my head. Will add some art for some of it, if the free time pops up to do it in. Fun contest idea. 🙂

    C is for Catastrophe which we hope to avoid.
    D is for the Dystopia with which we’re annoyed.

    S is for Sequitur which is often a Non.
    T is for Technology over which we fawn.

    W is for a World that can be rather damp.
    X is for the Xenon glowing in our arc lamp.

  2. A for Academy, where science is keen
    B is for Boiler, turning water to steam

    C is for Coal, feeding the fire
    D for Dirigible, floating higher and higher

    E is for Engine, an invention quite droll
    F is for Fireman, shoveling coal

    G is for Gear, which guides the machine
    H for Hydraulic, a power unseen

    I is for Iron, companion to steel
    J is for Jingo, an expression of zeal

    K, Kilimanjaro, an adventure of worth
    L, then, for Landship, dreadnought of the earth

    M is for Motor, a gentleman’s toy
    N is for Nation, empire’s ploy

    O is for Oil, the future of fuel
    P is for Pith Helm, to keep the head cool

    Q is for Quarry, let the hunter engage
    R is for Railroad, the jewel of the age

    S is for Steam, driving it all
    T is for Timepiece, in pocket, on wall

    U for Umbrella, let none be without
    V for the Vicar, let’s hope he’s devout

    W for Winch, to magnify might
    X, Xenophobia, I hear the French bite

    Y is for Yellow, journalism of vice
    Z is for Zenith, isn’t empire nice?

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