[books] Green cover art

And I have now seen the cover art for Green. It is fabulous, and very much captures the spirit of both the book and the girl who is the title character. Posted with permission of the artist, Dan Dos Santos:

Green cover illo by Dan Dos Santos

7 thoughts on “[books] Green cover art

  1. Brenda Cooper says:

    Drop dead awesome! Nice….

  2. pauljessup says:

    I’m sold. On that cover alone.

  3. Ray says:

    Hey Jay, I had the great privilege of seeing the original at the Illustration Master Class a couple of weeks ago. It’s even more lush and beautiful in person. Daniel is a great guy and he was very helpful with my own version of the Green cover that was given as one of many assignments for the class by Irene Gallo. There’s probably 10 to 15 renditions of Green from that event. I’m reworking mine now (literally) based on some of his critiques and would love to share it with you sometime to get some of your input since I obviously haven’t read the book yet…:)Thanks Jay and I look forward to reading your book. -Ray

  4. Jay says:

    Thank you so much, Ray. I really hope to see some of those illustrations. (All of them, if I could…)

  5. Lillypond says:

    That is *such* a fabulous cover.

  6. Ray says:

    Absolutely. I’m working through this evening so I’ll mail you what I have so far soon. As for the others I can only point you to some of the picture galleries from the class. You’ll have to guess which are Green from there:)

    Here’s Irene’s gallery:

    More galleries from other students:


  7. Interesting, cool cover. It should be a plus to sales IMHO. And that’s cool too having a book the subject of an art class like that, too!

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