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[links] Link salad for a Midwestern Tuesday

SFFaudio with more links to Susan Palwick and me at SF in SF

The book cover poll

Nanoradio Tunes In to Atoms — More nanotube radio weirdness. Cool stuff.

Discovery Institute Takes on Gravity Myth — “Gravity is just a theory, and a poorly-supported one at that.” Hahahahahahaha. Astronomy is next — Genesis unambiguously states that the moon is a lesser light in the sky, yet so-called “scientists” have “theories” that moonlight is actually reflected sunlight. (Thanks to danjite.)

Bad Astronomy Blog on plate tectonics and Young Earth Creationism — Of course he’s falling into the same rhetorical fallacy which often captures me, which is the whismical notion that one can use logic in a discussion about articles of faith. Like me, Phil Plait seems to expect people to listen reason.

Feministing on Purity Balls — Ick. Just reading this made me ill.

WaPo: Young Republicans, Blue About the Prospects Ahead — And it couldn’t happen to a nicer party. Part of my allergy to the GOP stems from their incessant triumphalism which began in 1994 and didn’t really trail off until 2006 (remember the “Permanent Majority”?), so I confess to a certain amount of schadenfreude at stories like this, having been in the political wilderness myself most of my adult life.

More on Obama’s birth certificate — Because teh stoopid never dies in ConservativeLand, it just gets elected. (Snurched from Pandagon.)

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