[process] More on outlining and the writing of novels

I finally dug up my other post on novel outlines. See the earlier referenced post here.

There’s also one from last year here, with links to actual outlines of mine.

And here is a post of mine in response to the marvelous Justine Larbalestier on outlining and novel writing.

On re-reading those old posts, I don’t feel moved to seriously revise my commentary. I will add that the outlining process has become more interesting and enjoyable to me over time, and that probably feeds my joy at the novel writing process.

Also note that my outlining process is specific to me. Not unique, but specific. Other writers do things which would break me. (Justine, for example, approaches books in a way which would reduce me to wibbling tears.) And the examples I linked from in the second post above are just that — examples. I can readily imagine structuring the outline a different way depending on the needs of the book, how important certain aspects of it are (structure vs. character, for example), and my own view into the story.

See also blackaire covering some of the same ground in this post today. I don’t agree with everything she’s said, but that’s variation on experience and opinion, not a matter of right vs. wrong.

Hopefully this helps! What are your favorite resources on this topic, either from your own writing or elsewhere in the blogosphere/publishing advice world?