[religion] Intelligent Design

I’ve managed to get myself into an argument with an Intelligent Design troll over on io9.com. Yes, I really do know better. But there’s a really important point about Intelligent Design that most people seem to miss.

The concept of “irreducible complexity” lies at the heart of Intelligent Design’s attempted argument. Irreducible complexity essentially says that “since I can’t imagine how such a thing came about through natural processes, God must have done it.”

The statement is ridiculous for two reasons. First, it reflects the poverty of imagination of ID proponents far more than it reflects any realities of the complexity of the observable universe.

Second, it doesn’t address anything at all about that complexity, it just abstracts complexity from the observable universe to the unobservable deity. That solves nothing.

Which is why arguing with Intelligent Design trolls is deeply pointless. They proceed from unconsciously false premises, and are not subject to reasonable discourse in the first place.

2 thoughts on “[religion] Intelligent Design

  1. Mark says:

    Mainspring: Didn’t get it as a critique of ID. I saw as an interesting take on the Watchmaker Analogy (WA) and I forgotten that it was used as part of ID. That’s a shame they’ve picked up – kinda like a bunch of yuppies coming in and taking over your favorite ol’ diner/pub, rebranding it for the current age and then complaining that it has lost all it’s local color. Leave my quaint little 17th century ideas alone I say to the ID folks.

  2. tetar says:

    Jay, you need simply to disengage from the ID proponent, for the cogent reasons you’ve cited. GIGO is their credo, and they refuse to educate themselves.

    Interestingly, I took your clockwork world at first as a model of the atheistic reductionist’s mechanical world view. I figured the clockmaker was bound to prove illusory, or even a delusion…


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