[personal] (Almost) leaving Omaha

Due to Day Jobbe circumstances, I am traveling Not On My Usual Schedule, which is to say flying home to the Big Green on Saturday. Had a nice, light dinner with garyomaha and elusivem wherein a rather bizarre political topic came up.

Is there enough split ticket voting out there amongst the several states (not to mention the rules of the Electoral College) to allow an election outcome whereby we have an Obama-Palin White House?

When I asked this question, garyomaha ruptured something, judging by the noise which emitted from him. I’m too tired and need to go to bed soon, and so am not in a position to exercise my Google fu tonight, but I thought one or another of the political junkies around here (of whatever affiliation) might see fit to comment.

I am to sleep soon, and up at 0:stupid:early tomorrow. See some, all or none of you on the other side.