[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 9

Today’s wordage: 5,300
Today’s writing time: 3 hours
Total wordage: 33,400
Total writing time: 22 hours


As if raw power could impress anyone who had spent time in the Silent World.

She let her wa speak for her, in the Silent tongue: YOU DISTURB

“It is not needless,” Bassiiaa said, speaking with his tongue.


The big man knew better than to argue circularities with another sorcerer’s wa. He stepped from air to stone and settled next to her, so they both faced out across the Great Sunset Water.

Gashansunu ignored him a while. This was her right, in meditation, and also her spite at him for coming unbidden into this place. He might have the body of a god, and the bed-manners to match, but this man had no claim on her outside the working circle. He was not even a hierarch in her branch of the Westfacing House.

He was just a big, beautiful and worried man.