[writing] Looking ahead

Well, my reign of terror of long morning walks and long afternoon writing sessions is about to come to an end. I have a dental appointment tomorrow afternoon, and a dinner tomorrow night with the_child, camillealexa and saycestsay. This means getting up stupid early, doing 30 minutes on the stationary bike, then writing at least an hour before work. I’ll catch my second hour of writing on lunch break, with backup/overflow time to make up shortfall after I get home from dinner tomorrow night.

Thursday is nearly a rerun of tomorrow as I have to bug out for Seattle in the afternoon, and will not be able to write later except for a little cleanup/shortfall time. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage my time at Foolscap, but I intend to keep to my two hour a day commitment. That will feel slightly odd for me at a Con.

Not sure how I feel about the length of Tourbillon. Closing in on 40,000 words, and my sense of the size of the manuscript is weakening, not strengthening. I am merely observing this, not being alarmed by it. Interesting stuff. So far every day but one the prose has flowed well, which I consider a good sign. I remain painfully aware of the defects in the work as it hits the page, but, well, that is Why We Revise.

Excelsior, what ho!

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  1. Say hi to Camille for me.

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