[politics] Enter Sartre, pursued by bears

Iran is an “existential threat” to the United States Israel?


Senator McCain, there’s a Mr. Inigo Montoya here to see you.

ETA: As several folks have pointed out in comments, apparently this is a legitimate use of the word. Perhaps a poor stylistic choice, but not flat out wrong. It still cracked me up bad.

One thought on “[politics] Enter Sartre, pursued by bears

  1. Jaws says:

    [post update] I found two aspects of this post more amusing:

    (1) The update refers to “comments,” but at this moment there aren’t any. Sort of like bloggish WMDs. 😉 Were those comments perhaps in e-mail?

    (2) I think you meant Beckett, not Sartre. That is, admittedly, a fine distinction… but foreign policy is built upon fine distinctions, a point that neither candidate seems willing to acknowledge.

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