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America: 1910Shorpy with an airship wreck photo. Oh noes!

Laptops as distributed seismometers — (Thanks to lt260.)

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After “Obsession” DVD Hits Ohio — I’m going to guess it was not a liberal-progressive or a registered Democrat who committed this terrorist attack. Just a hunch. To my conservative friends whose ideology has profited mightily from 20 years of media dominance: Hate speech has real-world consequences, even if it does serve to get your guys elected. (Thanks to lt260.)

GOP official removed for racial remarks — Good for them.

The race angle on the meltdown — Just in case you thought those principled folks at the GOP (where “character counts”) couldn’t sink any lower. Well, ok, they can always sink lower. But this one’s a real stinker.

Greenhouse gas emissions shock scientists — That liberal myth of global warming is even changing the atmosphere faster than even the pessimists expected. Good thing we have right-thinking conservatives in Congress and on the airwaves to keep us from believing our lying eyes! Seriously, I am starting to think that the anti-science obsession of the GOP will be the party’s lasting legacy of disaster, even beyond the toxic meltdowns in the economy, foreign policy, American military power, ethical governance and so forth. Most of that stuff has primarily damaged American prospects for the future, but the anti-climate activism may well have seriously harmed the entire world for generations to come. (Thanks to lt260.)

With Brokaw as Elder Statesman, NBC Plans Future of ‘Meet the Press’ — Check out the discussion of Brokaw negotiating with the McCain campaign so that the Republicans could feel they were “getting a fair shake” from NBC. (Because, you know, they sometimes tell the truth about McCain’s campaign manager and McCain’s serial lies and Palin’s lack of, well, anything; and stuff.) Now imagine the general hilarity and mocking if the Obama campaign tried something similar. Yep, liberal media bias on the hoof. (Snurched from Talking Points Memo.)

Attorney General Michael Mukasey names a prosecutor in the US attorney firing probe — Is a Bush administration figure actually putting principle above politics? After seven years of this presidency, I should know better than to hope for that, but maybe… UPDATE: Nope, my first instincts were correct. This is like Palin’s AG investigation of herself in Troopergate, a coverup to cover the coverup. See here. I should know better than to expect ethical governance from the GOP.

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