[politics] I may have been too quick with my cynicism

I was fairly cynical this morning about the Powell endorsement of Obama. jennawaterford dug more deeply into it than I did, and points out this remark of Powell’s.

“Not just small towns have values,” he said, responding to one of Palin’s signature lines.

Good for him. Very good.

ETA: My dad sends this analysis from Time along for further consideration.

One thought on “[politics] I may have been too quick with my cynicism

  1. Jaws says:

    Considering that Gen Powell was born and raised in NYC and is a lay leader in the Episcopal church — and his negative experiences with segregation in “small towns” in the South during the 1950s and 1960s — I am not at all surprised. Too often, “small town values” is code for “none of them durned furriners or colored folk allowed,” and reading coded messages of this nature is part of what made Powell successful as an officer.

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