[links] Link salad “Sitting up here watching all the lights blink down below”

Achetez le timbre antituberculeux — Not sure why, but I find this 1917 French poster to be striking. A nice site for vintage art.

Seven of the greatest scientific hoaxes — What? Global warming isn’t on the list? Neither is evolution? Liberal lies! (Thanks to lt260.)

kenscholes on losing his religion

Phony flier says Virginians vote on different days — Oh, look. Voting fraud. By Republicans. If you can’t win on your ideas, cheating sure helps.

McCain’s senior economic policy adviser on the McCain healthcare tax credit proposal“What [younger, healthier workers] are getting from their employer is way better than what they could get with the credit.” There’s some brutal honesty. Speaking as an older worker with a history of cancer, McCain’s plan will screw me very, very hard. Would quite literally kill me if I had another bout. Me and millions of other Americans.

A wave for GOP staffers? — GOP staff jobs on the Hill and at K Street will be way down. My heart bleeds. After fourteen years of slash-and-burn politics, maybe a few of these guys can go live in the brave new world they helped create for electoral gain and party loyalty.

The Republican shipwreckThere’s something surreal about how fast the GOP has gone from arrogant triumphalism to its death throes. It’s a funny line, and an interesting opinion piece, but I think the writer is significantly overstating his case. (Nicked from jeffsoesbe.)

Why McCain is getting hosed in the pressPolitico on media bias. I wonder where all this concern about bias was when Al Gore was getting hosed in the press while W got a free pass? Sure didn’t bother conservatives back then.

Blessed Are the Persecuted — Noted liberal rag The Wall Street Journal on the conservative cult of victimization.

Question of the day: Are Paul Prudhomme, Dom DeLuise and Luciano Pavarotti really the same person?

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  1. tetar says:

    Does it not seem that political partisans so cavalierly cheat to win elections due to an unexamined belief that they are right, so being able to institute their agenda is for everyone’s benefit whether they know it or not? And is this not True Believer fundamentalism?

    Is there anyone left who will with a good will accept a democratic majority vote that perhaps goes against some or most of their own beliefs, trusting in the larger good of democracy? Can anyone find such a person?

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