[writing] Tourbillon progris riport, day 47

Today’s wordage: 5,000
Today’s writing time: 2 hours
Total wordage: 183,500
Total writing time: 101 hours, 30 minutes


Paolina nodded and stared downward, before calling some direction to the pilot. Her words were lost to him in the streaming wind of their dive.

Low, so low it seemed as if they would slam to earth in another moment, the ballast was released. Stolen bounced on the air, flinging hard back upwards perhaps two hundred feet. Kitchens found himself thrown down while someone howled with laughter.

It was him, screeching like a child at a midsummer carnival.

Engines roared. Stolen heeled over now, turning to cross the roofs. Rifle fire peppered, and somewhere nearby a cannon boomed, though what they meant to hit he could not think. The pilot shouted something, Paolina pointed, Kitchens turned around to see a chimneyed wall catch at the front of the hull with a horrible splintering.

A man screamed somewhere nearby. Stolen bucked forward now, her nose dipping down to make a ramp of the deck, then pulled free of the obstruction and plummeted the last sixty feet or so into a courtyard just behind.