3 thoughts on “[politics] MSNBC just called it for Obama

  1. You FOOL!

    What about Colbert and the Daily Show? Or late night comedians?

    We are going to f-ing suffer now, with lame comedy and entertainment. Humor gets a factor of ten on the weight. One laugh is worth at least a life or two, right? I want the belly laugh, even if it costs me thousands for my share of the national debt. What kind of clown are you, man!!!

    I, of course, am outside the U.S. tonight crying from afar…

  2. tetar says:

    I dunno, the scum can do an awful lot of further damage between now and 20 January. Hell, and beyond, if the popular vote is as close as is claimed.

  3. This election was always Obama’s to lose. The straw that broke McCain’s back was the economy. Nobody running as a Republican in a national election was going to get out from under that storm cloud.

    The question now is: how much is Obama willing to defy the extremes of his own party in pursuit of larger, centrist national goals? Assumption of a mandate is probably the surest way to blow the gains that have been made, and send things back to the Republicans.

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