[process] Post-novel ennui, contest anent same

By rights, I should come down with a raging case of post-novel ennui in the next few days. Election Day will certainly keep me distracted today. There’s always things popping in my personal life, of course. But I’ll be curious to see if this more controlled drafting process in Tourbillon will affect the course of post-novel ennui.

In a related note, I hereby announce a contest! Leave a comment here about the way I should best combat post-novel ennui. Feel free to be highly creative.

As usual, after a few days I’ll post a voting poll. Winner as determined by a jury of their peers shall receive an inscribed ARC of Green, as soon as I have them to ship out. Usual rules and arbitrary errors by the moderator apply.

23 thoughts on “[process] Post-novel ennui, contest anent same

  1. Jaws says:

    * Go clothes shopping. Really. Having lost that much weight, you need a new suit or three, and even your Hawaiian-print shirts will look needlessly baggy.

    * Heckle exit pollsters. Ask if they understand the concept of a “secret ballot,” and demand that they produce their KGB/GRU identity cards if they insist on remaining.

    * Watch the election returns, and drink a beer each time your selected anchor says “swing state” or “too close to call”.

  2. Jay says:

    @1 — Well, I *did* buy a new tux recently…

  3. tetar says:

    A) stop being a slave to your hormones

    B) stop being so self-indulgent with moods

    C) write short fiction

    D) start another novel or three

  4. Mark says:

    I remember doing a roadtrip once when I was visiting my Grandparents in Salem, I think I was 8 or 9 so…. We started early in the morning and in some town we had ginormous cinnamon twisty bun things. We drove along a lovely river for a bit and when came to the sea there was a port and we had fantastic lunch overlooking a small port. I had a tuna sandwich and it had a local cheddar melted over it, Tillamook?, I remember it to this day, relevatory just the fish, cheese, bun. Then drove the coast to watch seals on a huge rock, Seal Rock? I called it a boom crash opera. There was a stop at Foulweather point as well. Anyway, I might be conflating two trips, who knows but, my point is – Get out and enjoy Oregon a bit. One thing – on that trip I ate a whole large bowl of cherries and was sick for a day. Stay away from ridiculous amounts of cherries.

  5. Jeri Merrell says:

    Bungee jumping. (I think my brainstormer is broken.)

  6. Go have some clown sex — you know what I mean — while A Clockwork Orange plays on a TV in the background, and then enjoy post-coitus ice cream sandwiches while using greasepaint to cover the bruises. Hire Ouchy the Clown if you don’t have a suitable indulgent partner. (Don’t google search Ouchy unless you’re brave.)

  7. That’s easy: start your outline for the next novel!

  8. Fred Kiesche says:

    (1) Make a good meal…from scratch…with the freshest ingredients you can find.

    (2) Roast your own green coffee beans.

    (3) Watch all the old episodes of the “rebooted” Battlestar Galactica and wonder how the frak they will pull their heads out of their posteriors and finish the show.

    (4) Collect some old watches from yard sales (or tag sales, or garage sales, or whatever your regional name is) and use them to plot the next novel.

    (5) Read (or re-read) the works of Cordwainer Smith, Clifford D. Simak and the Callahan tales of Spider Robinson. Works for me when I get into a slump.

  9. Sean P. Fodera says:

    Take The Child for a walk in nature. Stroll through the changing foliage. Check out scenic vistas. Talk about anything that comes to mind. Be as silly as possible.

    Then go for an ice cream dinner.

    Ennui? No way.

  10. Andrea says:

    Give yourself small gifts:

    Take a morning walk in a farmer’s market with The Child, then make lunch out of whatever fresh things looked tempting in the market – even if that’s just a chunk of fresh bread, some fancy cheese, and a bunch of fresh berries.

    Explore somewhere in town you’ve always wanted to go, but never have (that little hole-in-the wall bookshop? A hidden bridge? A new coffee shop?)

    Have a friend brush out your hair and banter for hours

    Drink some wine / beer / cranberry juice / your drink of choice

    Watch a stupid-but-amusing movie.

    In any order, and spread over as many days as you’d like, of course.

  11. Drink enough coffee to revive a dead man and stay up all night giggling nervously.

    Seriously, amp up your exercise routine. Get more adrenaline going to keep you excited.

  12. Jeri Merrell says:

    Maybe too late… but have a bonfire/belated OktoberNovemberfest with friends. Burn your last draft. If it’s electronic, print a symbolic one out for the purpose. Roast (chicken, nitrite-free) hot dogs and marshmallows. Drink cider. Tell ghost stories. Consider it a rite of passage.

  13. Jeri Merrell says:

    Also, consider learning something new/creative with your hands. Cross-pollinating the creative wiring helps jump start the brain. Try taking a glass blowing class, or learn to silversmith, or bookbind.

    I probably missed your poll – but wanted to get these out there anyway. 🙂

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