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Well, this morning I sent off the completed galley edits of Green.

This afternoon, the ARCs arrived:

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I guess it’s a Green day in my world!

ARC contest number two is now open. Tell me in comments why you should win an ARC for your own reading pleasure. Voting poll next week.

6 thoughts on “[books|contests] Green

  1. Mark Siegal says:

    Because on my recent birthday, I made a goal to write and submit 10 novels in 5 years. Reading your ARC would help motivate me to achieve it. And as thanks, I’ll tuckerize you in my first published novel, whenever it may arrive.

  2. The gods of speculative fiction wish for me to partake of Green’s prose, and read it before the masses; to proclaim its literary virtues to the Lake-onites and to non-believers. These great bookwurm gods wish for global sanctification of the pages within Green’s bindings, and of course, lucrative sales in the first week of release.

    Let ME be the chosen mouth-piece for these promotional divinities!

    (I was feeling quite silly when I wrote this :~)

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