[links] Link salad has another sick day

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on why sf novels are the length they are

Scriveners Error with more interesting analysis of the publishing apocalypse

Notes from the query wars

1905 joke book covers — Some weird stuff here.

Steampunk diving suit — No idea if is real or not, but it’s cool. (Thanks to .)

Hilarious and crazy signs, part 12 — From Dark Roasted Blend.

A Plane Crash in Denver — Interesting piece on the recent Continental crash.

Bidder said it was easy to rig government auction — Monkey wrenching, big time. And I can definitely see how $2.25 an acre for drilling rights would derail the progress of the American energy industry. Or I would be able to see it if I were a conservative and not obliged to take note of reality. (Thanks to .)

This Modern World on the end of the Bush administration — Chances are you either follow this comic, or don’t care to do so, but this one was a doozie, in case you missed it.

?otD: Who winds up the watchmakers?

Body movement: 40 minute ride on stationary bike (even though I feel like heck)
This morning’s weigh-in: 220.4
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