[food] Would you like some statin drugs with that, sir?

Since the cancer, I pretty much eat fruit for breakfast, usually with a bit of carbs — granola bar, chow mein noodles, something. It works for me, but sometimes I miss good old bacon and eggs.

So for lunch I made good old bacon and eggs. With biscuits. That’s not difficult, cooking 101. I did invest a little more time in the potatoes, though.

I sliced four red potatoes thin and small, washed and rinsed them thoroughly, then tossed them in olive oil, rock salt, paprika, pizza pepper and ground black pepper, and set them aside to soak in their marinade. I then chopped down an entire head of garlic and half a yellow onion, sauteed them in butter and set them aside. I fried the potatoes in a bit of canola oil splashed with a bit more olive oil. Once they’d come along pretty well, I moved them to a dry teflon plan on high heat, added the garlic and onion, then finished them off with the potatoes well browned and the onions almost carmelized.

Mmm… I can hear my veins closing up even now. I may not eat again til Tuesday.

Afterwards, some simple syrup for limeade when my new juicer arrives early this coming week. Mmm more.