[food] Limeade, mmm…

and the Niece brought over the juicer she got me for Christmas then forgot about in her closet until she read my blog. She also brought two bags of limes, so experiments were undertaken.


The juicer.

The bag of a dozen limes made slightly more than a cup of fresh squeezed lime juice. (Which tastes about like you think it does.)

Mixing the lime juice and the simple syrup. (I used 1:1 proportions, which is a much higher ratio of lime juice to sweetener than most recipes call for, but I like it quite tart.)

Shaking them up to make the concentrate.

Mixing it with water. I cut it about 2:3 limeade-to-water, which again is stronger than most recipes call for.

The finished product. Mmmm. The pitcher was a Christmas present from Mother of the Child.

And my special limeade glass, a handmade Christmas present from .

All photos by . As usual, more at the Flickr set.

3 thoughts on “[food] Limeade, mmm…

  1. Nalo says:

    Had a bit of a turn when I first read, “a bag of lime,” which to me is a very different substance than “a bag of limes.”

  2. Jay says:

    @1. Nalo — That would be what I call a typo… :p Yes, quite different.

    (The funny thing is that my sister and I discussed the difference between lime and limes with the kids.)

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