[links] Link salad for a hump day

I’ll be closing the Caption Contest Voting Poll in the next day or so — Vote if you haven’t yet.

A Romanian (I think) review of Trial of Flowers Powell’s | Amazon ]

More crazy logistics from Dark Roasted Blend — Highly entertaining photos, for the most part.

Earth-mass Exoplanets and Their UsesCentauri Dreams with more on exoplanets.

APOD with a stunning photo of a lenticular cloud

Inauguration Day From Space — (Thanks to .)

Why the Ideological Melting Pot Is Getting So Lumpy — I’m not sure I buy this thesis, partly because there’s some serious false equivalency going on in this article, but it’s still interesting. (Thanks to .)

Rejecting Bush Era, Reclaiming Values The New York Times on Obama’s Inaugural speech. I heard it this way, too, as a strong and relatively detailed refutation of the disastrous missteps of the Bush administration and conservative rule in general.

?otD: Was the walrus Paul?

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3 thoughts on “[links] Link salad for a hump day

  1. kyodnb says:

    Hello! About the review of Trial of Flowers, it`s true, we are a romanian site.I didn`t think that you`ll be so interested in our review so we said nothing 🙂

    I enjoyed very much your story from New Weird anthology ( The lizard of Oooze – by the way have you writed something else in the same universe?) translated some months ago ( and there is a review for that too, on our blog) in romanian, and you had another story, that i liked, translated in one of the numbers from Best Sci-fi antology, with Ruth Nestvold.

    That`s why i was so curios about your novel. It was a good reading but with some flaws, here and there and i hope am not offending you or something. Still i`m waiting for that your second novel in this universe to be published ;)Best regards from our country!

  2. Jay says:

    @1 kyodnb Thank you. I am always interested in reviews, even when I can’t read them. The second FLOWERS novel is on its way, as well.

    As for “The Lizard of Ooze”, see here:


    For comments about the other stories.

  3. kyodnb says:

    wowwwwwww…Thank you..You dont know how happy that makes me! I thought that it was the only one..Thanks again…You rocked my day, hell the whole month:D(sorry for the bad language):)

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