[links] Link salad, Jeff VanderMeer edition

Last full day for Caption Contest Voting Poll

Living in a palimpsest — Me talking about the process implications of my new collaborative effort with Jeff VanderMeer.

Aaron DaMommio comments on my Dark Towns stories

In which I get a tangential but cool mention

War of All Against All: Writers vs Editors vs Publicists vs Reviewers vs Readers vs Evil Monkey — Bored of the easy life, Jeff VanderMeer launches a pre-emptive strike on everybody.

A dungless dung beetle — Now that’s a headline what am.

Lizards Evolve Rapidly to Survive Deadly Fire Ants — Man, that Intelligent Designer sure is clever, spoofing Evil-ution like this. Right up there with God burying them dinosaur bones to fool us all. (Thanks to .)

Detecting alien vegetation — Yo, sf writers. Pay attention to this Centauri Dreams article. It’s fascinating on several levels.

Earliest weapons-grade plutonium found in US dump — Cool stuff. As it were. (Thanks to .)

Language Appropriation: As the GOP rebuilds, some would-be party leaders are borrowing phrases from Barack Obama. — Interesting stuff from Newsweek.

Obama retakes oath to err on side of law — Well, now we know what Rush Limbaugh will be ranting about for the next eight years. Also, this morning in reading my blog roll I have discovered that we on the left have behaved “abominably” over the past 8 years. (Apparently the Right doesn’t have the mental acuity to contrast Daily Kos with, say, anyone conservative during the Clinton years. Either that or opposition to torture, wholesale Constitutional violations and unjust war is “abominable”.) I’ve also learned that conservatives are suddenly very concerned with the problems of concentrating too much power in the presidency. Ah, intellectual consistency, that eternal hallmark of Republican thought.

?otD: Who was that masked man?

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