[links] Link salad has never told you, quite as often as it should have

An Asian-language review of Escapement Powell’s | Amazon thb | Audible ]

How many rejections have you had? [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — Comments thread of people talking about their fiction submission histories, and the relationship between rejections and sales.

The Making of a Writer, Part 1 [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — A casual exploration of my personal history.

Denon in Egypt — James Gurney on the perils of exploration. Worth reading if you write (or game) about people going down into dark, abandoned places.

Rational use of Russian bowelsLanguage Log with more (as ever) on the perils of mistranslation.

A Prayer for Archimedes — Some seriously cool textual history, and, palimpsests! (Thanks to .)

Should Auschwitz be left to decay? — A fascinating pair of editorials via the BBC. My own experience of visiting Dachau at age 18 was profound to the point of life-changing, so my instinct would be to not let the memories fade into the earth.

From Juan Cole’s blog, Jonathan Lyons takes a very long view of the relationship between the West and Islam — I suspect this essay will generate a “yeah, right” response from some American readers, but it’s worth noting that many in the Islamic world refer to us as “Crusaders”, which precisely fits this narrative. (Thank you very much to for the correction.)

Bush by the numbers — Just in case you still somehow think of the Bush administration as a success, a review of the government’s own numbers on job growth, income etc. (And for those of you who proudly take refuge in Bush’s record on terrorism, remember the Bin Laden memo he waved off in the summer of 2001 — the rest of us sure do — and consider that terrorism incidents worldwide have risen sharply under his watch.)
?otD: Have I told you ’bout the swans, they live in the park?

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6 thoughts on “[links] Link salad has never told you, quite as often as it should have

  1. Jaws says:

    You shouldn’t be worrying about the swans in the park at the moment. Given your collaboration project, you should instead be wondering whether you’ve got Ulysses tied to the mast…

  2. Jay says:

    @2 – Well, his naked ears *were* tortured…

  3. ethar says:

    That’s a Korean review of Escapement. Thank you 🙂
    I’m hoping that some publisher contacts you for Korean translation, since I enjoyed your books.

  4. Jay says:

    @4: Oh, cool! Yeah, that would be pretty neat to be in Korean. 🙂

  5. tetar says:

    Letting Auschwitz decay is tantamount to forgetting, and without continual reminders of how bad people and situations involving them can get, the worst will continue to bob to the surface.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    It was precisely forgetting that allowed the neo con Nazi scum to impose fascism on what was once, and may with luck be again, USA.

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