[personal] A bit more on weight and diet

Been a while since I’ve commented on this, so I thought I’d mention a couple of observations. My weight has held in a narrow band between 219 and 224 since mid-December. I seem to have reached a setpoint. Once the weather gets a bit better and I’m able to get off the stationary bike and walk more (or at all), I suspect that will drop down a couple of pounds. In general I’m continuing the same habits that got me down this far (from about 285 in January of 2008), though I have noted that my total food intake has been up a little lately. Need to keep an eye on that.

I also have made clear and unsurprising correlation between my morning weigh-in and the lateness and size of the previous night’s evening meal. When I don’t eat dinner at all, or eat very light, I’ll come in on the low end of the setpoint range. Somewhat more interesting to me, at least, is the correlation between carb intake and my morning weigh-in. If I stay away from bread, chips, etc., that also helps me keep low.

I don’t generally eat late except for social reasons — convention and business travel are a real challenge on that regard. That’s not hard to control. Neither is portion size, really, I just need to be a little more thoughtful and not let my cravings run away with me. Those don’t feel like deprivation or discipline to me, just a matter of paying attention.

But ditching carbs is tough. Carbs hit my happy place the way some people respond to ice cream or chocolate. Garlic bread, pizza, french fries, and so forth. I think if I wanted to drop to 210 or lower, going low(er)-carb/carb-free would probably be the ticket.

That and tune down this lemonade/limeade kick, which is putting a lot of sugar into me. But man, talk about a craving — ever since the cancer I’ve been a monster for citrus fruits, salsa, and lemonade/limeade.