[contests] Time for another GREEN ARC contest


Green Amazon ] will be out in a few months. So it’s time for another ARC giveaway contest. As usual, this will be a two-stage process. I’ll have people post entries here for a few days, then I’ll make a voting poll.

This time, your job is to nominate someone else to receive an ARC of Green, and tell us why. Be as silly or fun or funny if you want, but no gratuitous cruelty or snark. So nominate your favorite blogger or commenter or LJ-BFF right here.

11 thoughts on “[contests] Time for another GREEN ARC contest

  1. I nominate John Anealio of Sci-fi Songs for an ARC of this novel. Though he is not prolific – his way of “reviewing” books by writing songs about them is unique. And he really puts time into the work, giving the songs a fullness. They are not just some guy and his guitar, but a full work-up of a song.

    You would benefit from having this unique take on the the book. I mean GREEN set to music, what could be more original?

    His blog is here.


  2. edifanob says:

    I nominate Mulluane from The Old Bat’s Belfry for an ARC of this novel.

    She is one of my favorite reviewer.
    I like her style and I can trust her opinion.

    Anyway I was quite difficult for me whom to chose.
    I hope I didn’t snub somebody.

    Her blog is here

    The Old Bat’s Belfry

  3. DeLynn says:

    I nominate Joseph Mallozzi to receive an ARC of Green. While he is, by day, a producer and writer for the Stargate Franchise, he is also a prolific blogger with quite the following. On his blog, he hosts a SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy Book of the Month Club and I’m sure he would love to read Green! His blog is here: http://www.josephmallozzi.wordpress.com

  4. Well, I personally want my own ARC of GREEN, but I nominate Laurel Amberdine to get an ARC of GREEN because she has a coveted Amazon Vine reviewer status. =)

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