[links] Link salad comes back to Oregon

Steampunk Song #1 – The God-Clown Is Near — Previously linked to this in a beta state.

Selling Worldcon to the Publishers — Cheryl Morgan sticks her hand in the sausage mill, but I think she has a very good point.

Is writing for the rich? — I certainly don’t make a living off it.

Hard Working Fail — So very not safe for work, so very funny.

Frank Plant, man of steel — Fun with art. I’d love to own this particular piece.

Roger Ebert reviews Watchmen

A Nameless Intra-Irish Pene-Enclave — Map geekery.

Centauri Dreams on subglacial lakes

Portable powerTechnology Review on new-to-market tech, in this case, affordable fuel cell chargers for portable devices. If true, this is very cool.

The Superior Civilization — Ants: the aliens among us.

Republicans Threaten to Block Obama’s Judges“But it was only a few years ago that the GOP was willing to blow up the Senate in order to eliminate the filibuster entirely. They told anyone who would listen that every judicial nominee deserved an up-or-down vote without exception. Apparently, the Senate Republicans have the collective memory of a goldfish.” I hope one of my conservative readers can tell me why core Republican principles now require this minority opposition when just a few years ago core Republican principles utterly dismissed this minority opposition.

?otD: Where in the whirled is Carmen San Diego?

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