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[personal] A dinner in New York City

A rather nice dinner in New York City last night, at Tarffalli y Vino just off Union Square. That’s an elegant little wine bar with a nice Italian menu. and organized it for me, though was only to make it by for dessert. We had a nice turn out, including , , KA, , (without , unfortunately), , , NF from the Day Jobbe, , , , and the sadly tardy .


I’d ordered some appetizers in advance, including a nice duck confit, a terrific fried chevre, and cheese plates consisting of Sottocenere al Tartuffo, Epoisses, Garroxta, a chevre whose name escapes me now, and Blacksticks, a Lancashire blue with a strong resemblance to Shropshire.

Dinner was very nouveau, with elegantly modest portions, but quite tasty. Some wine flowed — I had a pinot grigio, while had something Basque she’d never tried before. Conversation flowed around the table quite nicely. I felt very welcomed in New York by old friends and new.

Thank you everyone who made it out for this.

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