[cancer] Second opinion time

Many phone calls today. Case management nurse at the cancer services unit of my carrier. UCSF cancer center to seek the appointment for the second opinion. My doctor’s practice at OHSU to have medical records and relevant associated data released to UCSF. I won’t know for up to two weeks what happens next (presumably an appointment in San Francisco). But the second opinion is fully in train.

Also, spoke to both my hair stylist and my dentist yesterday about what would happen if I did have a chemo course. Contingency plans are being made.

2 thoughts on “[cancer] Second opinion time

  1. Catherine Shaffer says:

    Oh, dentist. Good call. Check out askdrellie.blogspot.com for info on a great gentle oral hygeine program that is flossing-free. She’s had great success with her patients who have cancer not getting mouth sores, too.

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you. I’m trying to think ahead, so if (when?) things get crunchy I’m already positioned.

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