[personal] Birthday Fu!

Today I am 45 years old. Whee!

Last night Mom and Dad took me, and K— out to the Chart House immediately on our return from San Francisco. The three of us stayed up too late after, as is customary.

Walkies this morning with , then a few minor errands, then JayCon [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] starting at 1 pm today. You all have fun today. I know I will.

7 thoughts on “[personal] Birthday Fu!

  1. MrJodie says:

    Happy Birthday, Jay! Here’s wishing you many happy returns on the day! You deserve all the best, good sir.

  2. Shlomi says:

    Woo hoo! Hippo Birdie two Ewe! Live well, write strong and LAUGH!

  3. HgEg says:

    Happy BDay from us both! Many more years of wry postings and reflections ahead of you. At JayCon in spirit if not body this weekend 😉

  4. Greg says:

    Hey Jay…

    Happy Birthday – I wish I had a chance to get up there before the 15th of the month – I miss both your birthday and the powells event for green….
    anyway good tidings to you on your day sir….

  5. tetar says:

    Happy Birthday, dude. 45, huh? Wow, I remember 45. No, wait, actually I kinda don’t.

    Whoa, gotta go lay down.

  6. happy belated happy, Jay.

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