[cancer|books] Oncologist and the Green reading

Oncology consult went well yesterday. No new information to speak of, though some more details. Will post at length later. We’ve added an MRI on 6/25, to do another check on the structure of the abnormality in my liver. The oncologist was focused on the ambiguities in all my symptoms — hence the plan of waiting and re-imaging.

Right after that we rushed over to Cedar Hills for dinner and the Green reading. A lovely birthday gift or two turned up, and a very thoughtful cancer gift. Had a good crowd (waves to all my LJ and IRL friends who were there), sold some book, came home and collapsed.

and I are busting out right now for breakfast with and . Later today I’ll be starting the draft of Endurance, while she works on final revisions Nightcraft Mother before getting out to submission.

More later, time to go.

We are writers.

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  1. Yes, you are. 🙂

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