[travel|cancer] The next few steps

For those playing along with the home game version of “Where’s Jay”, the next few weeks have slipped into startling complexity. In brief:

6/15-6/19 Omaha, NE
6/19-6/25 Portland, OR
6/25-6/28 Iron Springs, WA (with )
6/28-6/29 Portland, OR
6/29-7/5 San Francisco, CA (with )
7/5-7/12 Ocean Park, WA (with )

And, of course, working two hours every day on Endurance as I go along.

I’m currently scheduled to go to Omaha 7/13-7/17, then back to San Francisco 7/17-7/21, but that’s all a bit iffy depending on where medical stuff goes. In that vein, I have cancer-related appointments of various kinds on 6/19, 6/22, 6/25 and 6/30. By early July we’ll hopefully have a much better idea of what comes next on the cancer front, which in turn will govern whether I make it to WorldCon and so forth.