[links] Link salad for a pseudo-Friday

Good cover art gone bad — A reader discusses the cover of Green Powell’s | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders  ].

Is Tor Books seeking to become the Amazon of science fiction and fantasy? — Simon Owens talks to Pablo Defendini. Interesting stuff about publishing and business models.

The Writer’s Bathtub — Return of son of analogy. Useful metaphor for writers contemplating their careers.

Steorn perpetual motion machine, amazingly, may not work: independent jury resigns — Clearly a conspiracy is afoot.

In Every Black Man’s Eyes–Death To The Rebel — Ta-Nehisi Coates with one of the more profound meditations on the black experience that I’ve ever read. Long but well worth it, especially for us white guys.

This outbreak of Three Panel Soul reminds of something I’d forgottenAn old story about how residents of Provo, Utah, are “disproportionately large consumers” of pornography. Which they prosecute in others, such as video store owner Larry W. Peterman. Ah, the consistency of moralism in conservative family values.

?otD: How do you spell Wednesday?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride, 10 minutes of stretching and meditation
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2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad for a pseudo-Friday

  1. Thanks for the link, Jay. Especially since I first ran across the “bathtub” here at your blog.

    Also consider “The Wall,” which is — so far as I know — my own original analogy, for aspirants:


    Best wishes. I’ve been semi-lurking on your blog for awhile, ever since I sat in the audience at one of your Norwescon panels in 2006. Your writing discipline and prolific production are flat-out inspiring.

  2. tetar says:

    Come on, Jay, speak: DOES it bug you that Green’s cover fails to show a person with dark skin? It would me. Too many ramifications result otherwise. Not that a writer has a say in the cover, but how hard can it be to darken the skin? Did you kvetch?

    I’m flat-out wondering now if the artist didn’t have that picture painted already, and simply add the pomegranates to zero it in a bit.

    Do you recall Whelan’s cover for RAH’s Friday?

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