[cancer] A bit more progress (or not)

Spoke on the phone today to the oncologist from my core team in Portland. The MRI read is back in, and supports the cancer diagnosis without being fully conclusive. She indicated she was leaning toward confirming the diagnosis and proceeding with chemo, but that my case would go before the tumor board (again) tomorrow. I’m expecting a call from her after that meeting, which will open some doors and shut some others.

This news was very upsetting to both me and . Not much has changed in truth, not yet, and this is the path we’ve both expected, but it feels as if we’ve passed a tipping point into a much darker place.

More tomorrow.

One thought on “[cancer] A bit more progress (or not)

  1. Doorways are often darker than either side. You’ve been through this hell before. Now this might mean a longer sojourn through that land, but you made it back once. Odds favor making it back once again. Or as a friend of mine once said, “I’ve been through hell. A little more flame doesn’t bother me.”

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